Why Pregnancy Classes is Good Methodologies

Shristi Foundation always employs unique methodologies and stimulation techniques that optimize early baby development in its mother’s womb to birth. Furthermore, this foundation educates its members how to lead healthier lifestyles during gestation.

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Prenatal Care

Early and regular prenatal care class increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy and helps detect health issues for mother and baby, such as high blood pressure, diabetes or infections. Prenatal care may even begin prior to conception when visiting a health care provider for pre-pregnancy visits.

Our group prenatal care program bridges clinical care and community support. Its distinctive approach integrates extensive prenatal education into every visit with healthcare provider in an intimate group setting, all within a small-group environment. In addition, this service offers various community-driven resources and supports that address social drivers of health.

We provide tools and training to implement our model in various settings, including community health centers, OB/GYN practices and clinics. It can either be self-implemented by individual staff members or delivered as a fully implemented package with training, technical assistance and patient materials included as a part of its turnkey package.

Women participating in SPC will experience different costs depending on their insurance coverage; however, most private health insurers offer equivalent benefits as traditional individual prenatal care plans. Furthermore, many state Medicaid programs and Planned Parenthood health centers may provide low-cost or free prenatal care depending on where they are based. Some local groups may even qualify for grants to support their efforts when implementing SPC in their region while providers can apply for community health improvement grants or private foundation funding as a source of funding for this initiative.

Childbirth Education

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and daunting time for expectant mothers, so many choose childbirth classes as a way of gathering information and alleviating anxiety over labor and delivery. Childbirth classes help women build up confidence in their body’s abilities for giving birth while giving couples with similar worries an opportunity to discuss concerns with instructors in a group setting.

Childbirth classes can be found at hospitals, birthing centers, physician’s offices or private homes and may cover topics like pain relief techniques, medical options for labor and delivery as well as emotional aspects of childbirth. Some classes even include hospital tours so expectant mothers can become familiar with their options when it comes to labor and delivery.

Prenatal stimulation is a technique designed to encourage an unborn baby’s brain and body development during gestation. Shristi Foundation offers a well-structured prenatal program with experienced trainers offering prenatal classes for pregnant mothers who want their unborn baby to have optimal physical and mental development before birth. Our program can help mothers plan a safe delivery while still being beneficial.

Pre-Pregnancy Online Class

Online pregnancy classes can help get your prenatal care off to a great start. They can prepare both mentally and emotionally for the arrival of your baby while teaching you how to take good care of yourself during gestation. Furthermore, taking these courses may often be more cost effective than in-person ones.

Some online courses provide a more holistic approach to prenatal care, while others focus on informing you of physical changes during gestation. Furthermore, certain classes provide access to wellness specialists specialized in pregnancy related wellness issues (i.e. doulas, fitness trainers, pelvic floor therapists and mental health therapists). These types of classes may prove particularly useful for women with complicated pregnancies who want the support of one of these specialists during gestation.

One option for prenatal care is taking an online birthing course from the comfort of your own home. These classes will educate you on everything from breastfeeding to childbirth, with many providing access to their materials for one or more years as well as workbooks and bonus materials downloadable upon enrollment. They may even cover topics like when to call your doctor/midwife/employer during your pregnancy and how best to plan maternity leave as well as physical changes that are occurring to your body during gestation.

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