Why Pregnancy Care Class is Invaluable

Pre-Pregnancy Online Class

Pregnancy care classes provide an invaluable way to learn the fundamentals of pregnancy and childbirth. With over 50 classes offered worldwide, they offer an in-depth look at your body during gestation, tools to prepare for birth and the importance of taking prenatal vitamins along with any warning signs to watch out for during the gestation period.

Most pregnancy classes will also offer a brief discussion on newborn care, which is a great way to involve your partner and ensure they understand what to expect when the time comes for them to join you in labor room.

Becoming parents is an immense responsibility, so attending prenatal classes can be extremely useful to both you and your partner. Although you might already have some ideas about how to care for a newborn, hearing advice from outside sources is always useful – which is why attending these sessions could prove so fruitful!

While COVID-19 has temporarily stopped our in-person group classes from being offered, you still have plenty of childbirth education options online. Many classes can be found for a low price and feature workbooks, recipes, wellness meditations and more – some courses even allow you to take the course over an entire year, giving you ample opportunity to review it as your pregnancy unfolds.

Childbirth Education Classes

Pregnancy can be both wonderful and daunting at the same time, leaving expectant mothers anxious about the birth. One way to ease that anxiety is through childbirth education classes. These sessions teach expecting parents everything they need to know about giving birth, making the classes beneficial both to expecting mothers as well as birth partners.

Kopa Birth offers top-rated online childbirth classes designed to help laboring mothers cope with pain without medication and encourage a natural birth experience. Available as both retreat-style courses and 8-week classes, both courses feature videos on relaxation techniques, birthing process steps and pattern breathing as well as 30-day money back guarantees and bonus videos about breastfeeding and newborn care – providing all mothers a comprehensive approach.

Birth It Up classes offer top-of-the-line online birthing education at a price any mom can afford. Created by Liesel Teen, an experienced labor and delivery nurse, these classes offer quality, trustworthy labor education at an accessible price point – ideal for couples planning natural, medicated, or cesarean deliveries with short segments to easily digest information.

Post-Pregnancy Care Classes

Mother-to-bes can become overwhelmed when faced with numerous experts offering differing opinions. To ease your prenatal and postpartum care experience, the following women-founded platforms provide integrative maternal wellness tools, resources, and specialists that make prenatal and postpartum care much less cumbersome.

Maia Midwifery & Fertility provides classes and support services specifically geared toward LGBTQIA+ families. Their comprehensive program can guide you from announcing your pregnancy through to meeting with midwives or obstetricians – with even an online class specifically targeting couples!

Shristi Foundation also offers antenatal training that assists expectant mothers in stimulating prenatal stimulation for optimal fetal development in utero. Their antenatal training also features consultations with Yogis, gynecologists and psychologists; thus helping the mother give birth to healthy and happy offspring.

Baby Care Classes

If you want to learn how to feed and care for your newborn baby, take a baby care class. These courses teach participants how to recognize a newborn’s cues, such as when they become fussy or unwell, what steps they should take and when. In addition, infant feeding, diapering, taking temperature readings, when to call the doctor and cord care should also be addressed as well as strategies on how to bond with the infant by their partner.

Costs associated with birth classes will depend on the type and length of class chosen. Some hospitals provide free classes or offer discounts to expectant parents; other classes require fees to attend, which may include workbooks or other class materials; Lamaze classes typically cost more than those covering more diverse topics like pain management strategies or hospital procedures.

Some birth classes are offered online and can be watched when it suits you best; these “on demand” virtual classes provide the greatest flexibility to expectant parents, yet often offer less interaction and information than live classes; additionally, these options may cost more due to transportation and parking expenses.

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