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Universal Agency, situated in Erode, Tamil Nadu provides ceramic and painting services. Their GST number is 33AAAFU5565E1ZB; their registration date was July 1st 2017. Their business structure is classified as Partnership; their director is Anupriya; their revenue for 2017/18 was Rs 50k with four employees being employed and doing well overall.

Tile shop

Universal Agency Erode is an industry leader when it comes to tile. Their tiles showroom features an expansive selection of styles to satisfy any aesthetic. Plus, their experts will help customize your tile design. In-store or online consultation services provide full design consultation services so they can discuss the size, style, and color requirements for your space to find you the ideal tiles.

Recent bathroom tile trends include handmade looks, extreme color gradation and unique mosaic designs. Mosaics from AKDO and Artistic Tile are particularly sought-after for creating unique aesthetics; their Micro Moons and Bille Ombre collections showcase intricate patterns made up of materials like mother-of-pearl shell that add luxurious feel.

Reusing recycled materials has become an increasingly popular trend in home design. Some brands, like Livden, offer decorative tiles made up of 65-100% recycled content that combine style and environmental consciousness. You can achieve more organic looks by selecting textures that mimic natural stone; you can easily integrate these recycled beauties with existing furniture and decor to achieve a cohesive style throughout your home – an excellent option for homeowners seeking to bring reclaimed beauty into their lives!

Bathroom Tiles

Tiles make a wonderful choice for bathrooms because they are highly water-resistant, while adding color, pattern and texture. In addition, tiles are easier to maintain than wood or laminate materials like laminate flooring as well as mold/mildew resistance. Furthermore, there is an array of shapes sizes and designs available so you’re bound to find one to complement your design style!

Ceramic tiles, constructed from clays fired at high temperatures in a kiln, make an excellent addition to bathroom floors and walls. Available in an array of colors and patterns and with extra protection provided by glazing, they can make for the ideal addition for bathroom floors and walls. Easy maintenance options exist such as mopping or wiping with damp cloth.

Glass tiles make an excellent addition to bathroom floors and walls because they reflect light, instantly brightening up any dull space. Available in an array of colors and patterns to meet any style or theme imaginable. Some people even choose rustic-looking textured glass tiles such as rock and wood textures to give their bathroom an appealing rustic aesthetic.

Natural stone offers elegance, durability and style courtesy of Mother Nature. Available in an abundance of colors, tones, textures and sizes – making natural stone an excellent addition to any bathroom design scheme or outdoor setting such as pools or courtyards as it boasts great longevity.

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchens are busy environments that demand durable yet easy-to-clean flooring options. Tile is an ideal option that’s less prone to scratches than hardwood or vinyl floors and can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned using just water and a damp cloth. Furthermore, tile comes in various colors and patterns that can complement or contrast with other elements in your design scheme; you’ll find tiles made of materials like glass ceramics and even natural stones!

Your choice of tile for your kitchen floor depends on how much traffic is present in your space and on what aesthetic you wish to achieve. Marble tiles may be more appropriate in larger kitchens due to creating an eye-catching focal point; while decorative ceramic tiles can add an artistic flourish.

An additional factor when choosing kitchen tiles is water resistance. Kitchens tend to experience frequent leakage of liquids ranging from dropped ice cubes and glasses of orange juice, to spaghetti sauce dribbles. There are various durable tiles that offer antibacterial protection including quarry tile and through-body porcelains.

Kitchen tile comes in an assortment of colors ranging from neutral tones to brighter hues, adding an injection of vibrancy into walls and backsplashes. There’s also a selection of finishes available ranging from matte to glossy for you to choose from. For a rustic aesthetic, wood-look tiles may provide the look without maintenance costs or risks to damage; or there are tiles that feature concrete patterns for modern designs.

Flooring Tiles

Homeowners often struggle with finding flooring that strikes a balance between practicality and visual aesthetics when selecting tile flooring for their home. Luckily, some popular types are extremely durable, able to withstand foot traffic as well as mess while adding gorgeous texture and adding visual interest into their homes.

Tile floors are highly customizable and can be laid in various patterns to suit any decorating style. While most hard tiles are made of clay, stone, metal, wood or glass; squares, rectangles hexagons and diamonds may be fixed into place to cover surfaces like roofs walls floors as well as tabletops.

Ceramic tiles are produced by baking clay at high temperatures to create an extremely durable and water-resistant flooring option, perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms where moisture may be an issue. Porcelain tiles tend to be more luxurious, yet still offer great slip resistance.

Natural stone tile floors are also an attractive and durable choice, especially those featuring marble or granite that boast beautiful patterns. Marble and granite are often combined with slate for stunning tile floor installations that withstand staining as well as long term durability. Slate, too, makes a striking choice that resists staining well over time.

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