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Education consultants offer students advice to navigate their careers in an optimal way. They answer queries about which countries and universities offer the best courses while offering assistance when applying for scholarships and grants.

Two families from Down and Tyrone are joining forces to launch this service. Andrew Brodie held Abi’s Butterfly Breeze last year in memory of his daughter Abi and donations received were essential in establishing Bright Future service.

Education Consultant

A coimbatore education consultant is a professional who helps students take the appropriate steps towards building their futures. A reliable education consultant should help their clients select an ideal college and course suited to their career aspirations, provide answers about living costs and other topics of importance, assist with application procedures and have a successful track record helping their clients get into their desired colleges and universities.

When hiring an educational consultant, be sure to compare prices and visit their website. Ask about their previous clients as well as feedback from past students for feedback about them – an effective consultant should make your student’s education journey smoother and less stressful.

An independent educational consultant can ease the stress families feel when applying to college. They can assist students in creating a plan, scheduling tests and interviews, choosing recommenders and writing essays; giving advice about summer enrichment programs or GAP year programs as well as graduate and professional school options, financial counseling including scholarships or grants and providing summer enrichment advice – making their services invaluable both parents and their students alike.


Bright Future Counselling Services provide counseling for students dealing with academic pressures, family difficulties and personal matters. Their services include helping select suitable courses and universities for them; aiding with application processes and providing financial assistance if needed. Their service was launched in partnership with Abi’s Butterfly Breeze and funded through donations from families throughout Counties Down and Tyrone; young people can avail themselves of up to 12 online or face-to-face sessions per year.

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