Pinal Scandal

There are always new Pinoy celebrity scandals dominating headlines and old ones resurfacing with updates, from messy relationships to legal battles, catfights and business rivalry.

One such controversy involves Gretchen Barretto-Atong Ang, as they were seen together despite longstanding disputes within her family.

What Happened?

Silvia Pinal is widely revered among her many fans as “Mama.” Born to a legendary entertainment family, Silvia’s life has been marked with both highs and lows – including the tragic loss of daughter Viridiana at three.

Last week, election officials in Arizona’s Pinal County encountered significant difficulties during voting day. Many polling locations ran out of ballots for Republicans; others reported that elections staff had underestimated how many voters would attend their polling places.

4 pinay scandal experienced serious electoral errors that were exposed during a statewide recount tally, showing elections officials had accidentally excluded hundreds of votes from original results and caused one statewide race to flip. Votebeat has learned these errors may have stemmed from inadequate oversight in a county with high levels of elections staff turnover.

How It Happened

As male-dominated societies continue to abound with scandal, drama and scandal surrounding powerful women can keep us interested. From political to entertainment empires led by women can provide an intriguing window into other lives of hard working, talented women.

Pinal County election officials made several mistakes during the primary, including miscounting votes and not tracking them accurately. Their errors weren’t discovered until a statewide recount forced them to review their results and take another look.

After the primary election, voters began showing up at public meetings where they expressed displeasure with county elections and expressed frustration about recent turnover and staffing shortages, among other causes. Anecdotal evidence indicates these concerns are valid; Volkmer said he is working with agencies to restore transparency and trust in the county while cooperating with FBI investigations of Babeu and Voyles who are being accused of misusing funds from property seizures for personal and professional expenses.

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