ParentPay – Pay For School Meals, Trips and Other Expenses Online

ParentPay allows parents to pay cashless for meals, trips and other school expenses such as fees. In addition, ParentPay features a communication centre as well as balance alerts.

This system reduces the amount of money handled by schools and improves school-home communication, as well as decreasing risks of lost and stolen payments.

It’s easy to use

ParentPay Login makes it simple and safe for parents to pay school meals, trips and expenses online with just a click or two of a mouse. Plus, this system helps track payments while reducing checks sent into schools which could become lost or stolen!

Parents can make payments using their existing payment card or by adding funds from their bank account, selecting which pupils or staff members they wish to apply the payments towards. The system keeps an ongoing history of all transaction and payments to promote greater transparency and accountability.

ParentPay utilizes leading technology to process credit and debit card payments safely. It’s as safe as using your card in-store or over the phone. Parents can use ParentPay for extracurricular activities, equipment hire, exam fees, uniform, wraparound care clubs as well as monitor popularity through club registers online and print off lists of payments to send home.

It’s secure

ParentPay’s secure payment system gives parents peace of mind by eliminating the need to send cash and cheques into school, and allows schools to keep accurate records of payments while decreasing risks of lost cash or cards. Plus it’s user friendly; parents and teachers both benefit.

ParentPay uses advanced encryption technology to safely process debit card transactions. Communication with banks is encrypted (i.e. it cannot be read) and neither ParentPay nor schools have access to cardholder details.

Once your ParentPay account has been activated, it allows you to make payments for meals, trips, music lessons and other activities at any time of day or night. All that’s necessary to use it is having access to internet on either a computer or smartphone as well as a username and password from ParentPay (found either through school information letters or the Account Login section on our website).

It’s convenient

ParentPay is a secure online payment system designed to allow parents to easily make payments for school meals, trips and expenses without sending cash or cheques into school. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, payments are processed securely with encryption ensuring no one can gain access to your card details. Parents can track payment histories as well as automate recurring expenses with automatic payments through ParentPay.

Staff spend less time loading money onto student payment cards and waiting in line at coin loaders, saving time for wraparound care, school clubs, SIMS integration and other MIS systems.

Parents can make payments to the school any time of the day or night from any computer or mobile phone with internet access, and can sign up for SMS/Email payment reminders which help them keep on top of payments. Year 7 parents will receive letters with activation codes within their welcome pack or by contacting Mrs Karia directly.

It’s affordable

ParentPay allows parents to easily pay for meals, trips, and activities with ease and security – eliminating the need for children to bring cash to school for payment purposes and making life simpler for all involved! It makes life simpler!

Parents and pupils can use the online system to pay school fees with credit or debit cards at any time they choose, using only top internet security protocols to ensure funds reach schools safely. Parents can view payment history and receipts at any time.

ParentPay’s flexible platform enables schools to keep an extensive and robust catalog of extra-curricular activities, uniform items, exam fees, clubs membership dues, wraparound care services and other items online for easier payment collection and school-home communication through automated email/SMS alerts.

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