How to Save a Facebook Video to Any Device? Facebook video downloader that converts videos to mp4

You may have your copy of a video on your phone or computer by downloading it from Facebook. By doing so, you won’t have to trawl through your newsfeed to share it. Here’s how to download a Facebook video to your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac computer or device.

Is It Possible to Download Videos from Facebook?

You may download a Facebook video as long as it is set to public. While iPhone users must utilise a third-party tool like MyMedia, Windows, Mac, and Android, users just need to copy and alter the video URL.

When you click on the three dots symbol at the top of the video post, Facebook also offers the option to Save the video. The video is saved in the app, so you may view it later; it is not saved on your device.

Facebook video download instructions for computers

1. Right-click a Facebook video and choose Show Video URL to save it to your PC. Then, after pasting the URL into a new tab, swap out www with basic. Last but not least, right-click it and choose to Save the video.

2. Open Facebook on your computer and log in. On every browser, you may do this.

3. To download a video, open it. It would help if you began the video’s playback.

4. After that, right-click the video. A popup menu with the options Play, Mute, and Show Video URL will show.

5. Click Show Video URL after that.

6. The video’s topmost URL should be copied. Ctrl + C on a Windows keyboard or Command + C on a Mac will do this. The URL may also be copied by using the right-click menu.

7. Copy the URL and paste it into the address box of another browser tab. Ctrl + V on a Windows keyboard or Command + V on a Mac may do this. Another option is to right-click and choose Paste. At this moment, do not press Enter on your keyboard.

8. Change www to basic in the URL. Using your mouse to select the text and the Delete key on your keyboard will do this. Then enter or paste basic in the place where www formerly was. Thus, the first part of your new URL should be

9. Then, on your keyboard, press Enter. A new page will load as a result.

10. Select the video you wish to download next by clicking it. With a full-page black backdrop and a video player, this will open a new page.

11. Choose Save video by right-clicking the video.

12. Finally, choose a video’s name and location before clicking Save. After that, you may open the file with any MP4-compatible media player.

On an Android device, how to download a Facebook video?

1. Touch the three dots on an Android smartphone and choose Copy Link to download a Facebook video. Then, after pasting the URL into a browser, substitute “basic” for “www.” Long-tap the video again, then choose Download video.

2. On your Android phone, launch the Facebook application. You’ll need to log into your account if you haven’t already.

3. To download a video, locate it.

4. Next, click the three-dot symbol located above the video.

5. Then, choose Copy Link from the option that follows.

6. Open a browser app on your smartphone and paste the URL into the address bar. By touching the address bar and choosing Paste, you may do this.

7. In the URL, replace www with basic. So, should be the first part of the URL.

8. On the on-screen keypad, press Go next.

9. then click the video. At this point, you may need to log into your Facebook account once again.

10. After then, touch and hold the video on the next page. A popup menu will manifest.

11. Then choose Download video. Your files, media, and images may need to be accessible to Chrome. To proceed, click Allow.

12. Click Open to watch the video when the Download is complete. At the very bottom of your screen, you will see this.

How to Download Facebook Videos to Your iPhone?

1. Tap Share and then Copy the Link on a Facebook video to download it to your iPhone. Then, go to using the MyMedia app, paste the URL, and choose Download the file. Next, choose Save to Camera Roll under the Media tab.

2. Get the MyMedia – File Manager application. This software is available on the Apple App Store.

3. The iPhone’s Facebook app will then open.

4. Once you’ve located the video you want to download, tap the Share button. It is located beneath the video.

5. Tap the chain-link icon after that. It is located next to the three-dot symbol in the top-right portion of the Share menu. The Facebook app then dismisses the option and switches back to the video. You will see a popup that says Copied and a checkmark after it.

6. Activate the MyMedia – File Manager application.

7. Then, in the search box at the top of your screen, enter Scroll up if you can’t see this.

8. Then, on your phone’s on-screen keyboard, touch Go.

9. the text box after pasting the movie URL there. Tap the text box and choose Paste when the page has loaded.

10. Next, choose Download. It will bring up a different page with a thumbnail image of your movie.

11. Then choose More choices. No other buttons on the page should be touched.

12. After that, choose Force download HD or SD. High definition is referred to as HD, whereas SD is standard.

13. Select Download the file after that.

14. Tap Save after selecting a file name for your video.

15. Watch for the Download to finish. The Downloading tab will appear when the app launches. A progress bar will show the file name, size, and download duration. 16. The progress indicator will vanish once the Download is complete.

17. Then, choose Back from the app’s top-right menu.

18. Tap Media next. It is located at the app’s very bottom.

19. Click the newly downloaded video.

20. Then choose Save to Camera Roll. The video is then accessible in the Photos app.


Facebook is a popular social media platform essential for producing and consuming information. You may find videos here from many media categories. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow users to store films on their devices, which is what some users desire. Many Facebook video downloader applications enter the market via this route. You have learned how to quickly download movies from Facebook using the method we showed you.


How can a Facebook video be downloaded?

Touch the three dots on an Android smartphone and choose Copy Link to download a Facebook video. Then, after pasting the URL into a browser, substitute “basic” for “www.” Long-tap the video again, then choose Download video. On your Android phone, launch the Facebook application.

Which Android app is the best for downloading Facebook videos?

MyVideoDownloader, FastVid, and All Video Downloader are some video downloaders for Facebook.

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